We invest in phenomenal entrepreneurs and teams


Skip Capital is a private investment fund. We invest across multiple asset classes, with a passion for transformation and technology  

We invest in phenomenal entrepreneurs and teams that have deep experience in a particular sector, and a passion for solving a big problem


We invest in early to late stage start-ups as well as private companies and energy

Who are we?

Why us?

What do we like

Where are we going

High growth tech businesses 

SAAS, data, ioT, robotics

Health Tech and Genetics

Energy and Infrastructure


Long term capital 

Early to late stage investor

We can invest flexibly 

Principled investor

We are building a portfolio of great companies

We help teams achieve their dreams, 

through networks, contacts and expertise 

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Over a decade of private investment experience. Funds management and ex investment banker. Studied Econometrics, Maths and Law 

Sebastian Tringali


Co founder and co CEO of Atlassian.  Mentor for startups including SafetyCulture and CultureAmp. Founder of Pledge 1%.

Studied IT and computer engineering

Scott Farquhar


Kim Jackson


17 years investments, 8 years as board director. 

ex investment banker, ex rock musician.

Studied Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Commerce